Difference Between  Shingle and Tiles

When it is time to put a new roof on your home, you may have been searching around the internet and you may have seen that there are two basic types of roofs that can be installed.  The first is a roof that is made of roofing shingles and the other is by using tiles.  This is going to discuss the difference between the two.

When it comes to roofing shingles, the most common and popular type are asphalt shingles.  These have been around for a century with some changes.  These are made from fiberglass and minerals and work well to keep the elements from damaging the home. 

They are easy to install and when repairs are necessary, they are easy to replace.  These shingles also cost less than tiles are going to cost which is a bonus to many.  The life expectancy of these shingles is typically around twenty years.  For many, this is worth the investment.

Tiles on the other hand, come in many styles and materials.  The most common are clay tiles.  These are not as easy to install.  You are going to need to hire a contractor who is familiar with this process to put them in.  If there is ever an issue where they need to be replaced, then again, you are going to need a contractor.  They are also more expensive than shingles.

These are just a few differences between roofing shingles and tiles.  There are many more.  The one thing you need to decide is how much money you want to spend.  If you want to get a great roof at a great price then you need to stick with the roofing shingles.  In this bad economy, saving money is your best option.  Going on the internet can help you to get these shingles at an even better price!

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