The North East Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc. (NEFRSA) was organized under the laws
  of Florida  as a corporation on October 27, 1982 and as an affiliate of the Florida Roofing Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning
  Contractors Association (FRSA).  As an IRS 501(c) organization its mission is to educate it members in the trades and the
  public to the latest Building Code, rules, & law changes, current workmanship standards, new trends, materials (their
  development & application), to improve the image of the roofing & sheet metal trades through community involvement
  and charity projects; to establish relationships with the local building officials that result in a better working environment;
  to protecting the public from fraudulent and unethical practices.  Elevating the standards of roofing & sheet metal work
  through education is our ultimate goal.

  The NEFRSA members represent the very best in the business.  They provide dependable quality service at a reasonable

  and fair price.  The Association screens each member’s application for thoroughness and verifies each contractors licensing
  through the Florida Department of Profession & Business Regulation database to assure that only current active licensed
  individuals are granted membership by our Board of Directors.  In addition to roofing and sheet metal contractors, members
  include manufacturers, supply houses, and general contractors who are desirous of advancing the knowledge and
  professionalism of those in our trades.


   The NEFRSA is comprised of skilled professionals

   and Associate members who represent their

   industry with commitment and true dedication.

   The goal of the Association is to provide to the

   members leadership thru experience and education

   and to gain access to valuable industry information.

   Local Laws and Codes are constantly changing. We

   keep  our members informed of the latest news by

   email and by attendance at the monthly meetings.


The main objectives of the Association are as follows:

 a.  To develop and improve the roofing, waterproofing,

      roof deck, roof system, sheet metal, heating and air

      conditioning contracting business.


  b. To improve the interest and welfare of the members.


  c. To establish superior quality of workmanship thru

      the use of superior quality materials.


  d. To contribute to the advancement of the industry.


  e. To provide better public service.


  f.  To promote harmonious relations between the

      members and their employees.


  g. To make available educational material and

      pertinent information relative to the industry.


  h. Generally, to secure for the members the benefits

      of co-operation in the furtherance of their

      legitimate pursuits.