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- Homeowner's Check List -

Care and maintenance of your roof is
important and should not be overlooked.

 Clean you gutters.

Inspect your attic for any signs of leaks.

Inspect your skylights and roof vents.

Take a good look at your roof from the ground.

Do not go up to the roof as this is dangerous
      and should be left up to a professional.

  If you think there is a problem call a roofing
  professional. Members of the NEFRSA are ready
  to help you with your roofing problem.

        BEWARE .......... some contractors

        may advertise they are a member

        of the NEFRSA when in reality they

       are not!





Report any false claims of membership!

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  contractor is a member of NEFRSA.



                    Hiring An Unlicensed or Uninsured

                     Contractor Will Put You At Risk!


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All NEFRSA Contractors are Licensed





posted 2/23/2023

Caution urged as You Recoverů 

If your home or business was damaged by the hurricane, you might be eager to make repairs and try to get back to normal.  However, be wary of fraudulent solicitations to perform work.  Too many unlicensed contractors can take advantage of you during desperate times.  Below are some of the threats you must avoid: Unlicensed contractors might insist on a deposit before starting the job, but they may never complete the work.  Or they may do a shoddy job, resulting in more problems for your structure.  These unlicensed workers may neglect to comply with building codes that can result in structural defects and leave you more vulnerable during future storms.  Such workers may also cut corners and fail to obtain proper permitting for the project that will catch up with you when you decide to sell.  Unlicensed contractors often do not have the proper insurance, which leaves you liable if accidents or injuries occur on your site.  When you hire an unlicensed contractor, you leave yourself open to other risks as well.  Without background checks, you may not realize they have criminal histories or lack the qualifications to do the work. You might be inviting danger by allowing them into your home or business. 

 You can always check out potential contractors and verify their licenses at

 (Source: Lawyer Cotney, 1/23)

Directory Update

The membership directory has gone thru the final process. Please visit your Directory Listing and note any corrections, additions or delations that need to be take care of. Contact Ralph DeCicco to make changes.

I want to welcome back all the returning members listed in the directory. Your commitment to our Association is recognized and appreciated.

President-  Andrew Hassan


Reminder to all registered members

  The Members Directory is vital to help you get public exposure. Your
  listing validates  membership in this important Association. NEFRSA
  has a reputation as having only the best contractors in the business.


   I encourage you to invite non-members to our next meeting so they
   can evaluate for themselves our commitment for continued success

   in business and our dedication to the industry.
   Together we can make things better.


   President- Andrew Hassan


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