Asbestos Information

Asbestos contractors are one of the more than 30 professions licensed  by
the DBPR. You may ask yourself, what is asbestos and why is it necessary
for asbestos contractors to obtain a license? Asbestos is a hazardous
material previously used in construction because it is extremely fire and
heat resistant. When you remodel or tear down a building with asbestos,
the tiny fibers are released into the air, and when breathed in, cause
respiratory and health problems.

To protect the health of your family and those around you, it is important to
only hire licensed asbestos contractors and consultants to remove asbestos- containing materials. The removal process includes conducting surveys for
asbestos-containing materials, developing an operation and maintenance
plan and finally removing the materials from the building. State licensed
asbestos contractors and consultants have the proper training and
knowledge to safely contain and remove asbestos from your home or

If you find out that you have asbestos in your building, make sure the
asbestos contractor you plan to work with is properly licensed with DBPR
prior to hiring or signing any contracts. You can verify licenses on the DBPR
website at, over the phone at 850-487-1395 or
on the DBPR Mobile app. Hiring licensed professionals helps to ensure the
work performed is not only completed with the highest standards, but in
the case of asbestos removal, it also protects your health!

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Source: Department of Business and Professional Regulation June 20, 2014

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